Smart Irrigation Program


This 2021 season we are working with the City of Eagan to provide the residents a residential Smart Irrigation Program (SIP) to conserve the city's precious water. The city is paying for over half of the costs, so residents obtain approximately $500 worth of services and equipment for approximately $170 for a 6-zone system or less (incrementally more for larger systems).  Most people can expect to cut their irrigation usage in half or more!

How do we do this?  We thoroughly evaluate your irrigation system, then we replace your old controller with a Hunter Hydrawise SMART weather-based controller that adjusts based on the previous night's forecast at your own virtual weather station we program at your home.  We then adjust your runtimes based on the information obtained from the yard evaluation.  We then train you on the system and discuss recommendations to fix and optimize your system.  Finally, we follow up with a detailed report of what we found during the evaluation of your system with the predicted water savings you can expect.   

This program should pay for itself in year one.  We have seen residential water savings of over 200,000-gallons a year, but most residents with 6 zones should expect on average 50,000 gallons saved which is typically 50% to 60% reduction in irrigation water used.

To be eligible for the Eagan SIP, you must be able to say yes to the following:

  • You are a resident of Eagan
  • You have a Wi-Fi that is strong and reliable
  • You have a fully operational irrigation system
  • You have a traditional (non weather-based) controller in your home or garage.


Hit this link to sign up for the EAGAN program for 2021 - HERE


I participated in the Smart Irrigation Program in coordination with the Safe Water Commission and the Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners. I had received a postcard in the mail and my first thought was the deal seemed almost too good to be true but I am happy to say that it's truly legit and is an awesome deal! I had really enjoyed working with Rick Ellis from Safe Water Commission who took care of the online program setup and Nick from Superior Landscaping and Irrigation who did the irrigation assessment and also installed the Hunter controller. Both Rick and Nick were super great guys to work with and they took care of everything for me. Our family is thrilled about being a better steward of our irrigation water use and with the ease and effectiveness of the WiFi enabled Hunter controller and optional rain sensor we also had installed, the anticipated water (and cost) savings will be significant. Thank you again, Rick and Nick for making this such a great experience. I am more than happy to strongly recommend them so that others are able to take advantage of this awesome program as well!
Andrew T., Stillwater


Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners Smart Irrigation Program

In 2020, the Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners, with the assistance of the Brown's Creek Water District, partnered with Safe Water Commission who, with Hunter Industries, is initiating a residential program providing 100 smart irrigation controllers, professional installation, and an irrigation system audit. This service, valued at over $500 dollars, cost only $30 to each of the first 100 participants. By participating in this program,  participants saved money on your future water bills to help conserve our precious drinking water.

They met the following qualifications to be eligible to participate in the program.

  • Live within the city limits of Stillwater
  • Have a residence with a functioning irrigation system with no more than 6-zones
  • Have an irrigation controller which is installed inside (garage or basement preferably)
  • Have a smart phone
  • Have a 2.4 GHz band, password-enabled Wi-Fi with good or excellent connectivity
  • Have an irrigation system installed prior to January 1, 2019

The smart irrigation controllers were distributed on a first-come/first-served basis to eligible applicants. Installation was in the Spring/Summer after the ground thawed.  The program ended up saving approximately 5 million gallons of water in just the first year!


Stillwater ResidentsClick HERE to register for the Stillwater Smart Irrigation Controller Program.