Technology Solutions

Rather than try to manage water saving programs on your own, leverage Safe Water Commission's technology solutions.

Whether you are a municipality, a backflow tester or a property owner, Safe Water Commission provides technology solutions to ease a variety of water protection services.  Each portal and application provides the data and tools you need to be successful.  

  • Cities

    A dedicated city portal provides a variety of services depending on your needs.  From cross-connection control programs to rebate and smart irrigation controller management solutions, Safe Water Commission will help you lower your administrative overhead to protecting water.


  • Testers

    Along with a dedicated portal to manage backflow tests and property owners, a mobile application also allows testers to be as efficient as possible while onsite performing tests.


  • Property Owners

    Find certified testers who can test your devices, review your test results and view your expiration timeframes to know when you need to retest.  Learn about water safety and submit rebate and smart irrigation submission requests online.