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2020 Testimonial for the Residential Smart Irrigation Program for Stillwater

I participated in the Smart Irrigation Program in coordination with the Safe Water Commission and the Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners. I had received a postcard in the mail and my first thought was the deal seemed almost too good to be true but I am happy to say that it's truly legit and is an awesome deal! I had really enjoyed working with Rick Ellis from Safe Water Commission who took care of the online program setup and Nick from Superior Landscaping and Irrigation who did the irrigation assessment and also installed the Hunter controller. Both Rick and Nick were super great guys to work with and they took care of everything for me. Our family is thrilled about being a better steward of our irrigation water use and with the ease and effectiveness of the Wi-Fi enabled Hunter controller and optional rain sensor we also had installed, the anticipated water (and cost) savings will be significant. Thank you again, Rick and Nick for making this such a great experience. I am more than happy to strongly recommend them so that others are able to take advantage of this awesome program as well!
Andrew T., Stillwater

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Cities have a variety of inspection needs to ensure both residential and commercial requirements are being met.  From backflow prevention to fire safety to fats, oils and greases (FOG), a city's job is never done.  The problem with trying to manage all of these ordinances is that most cities have not turned to a unified approach of inspections.  Software that can adapt to any variety of inspection needs is truly required so one platform can be leveraged for all inspection reporting needs.  

The solution must adapt to the various data points of each inspection type yet provide a similar customer-focused model to capture inventory, allow for notifications/reminders and provide compliance reporting.

Contact Safe Water Commission to learn about a platform that can satisfy all inspection needs!