Posted by Ryan Ward

With Elections right around the corner, it will be interesting to see which candidates recognize the need to protect our water.  In general, backflow prevention is not a highly publicized topic for politicians.  It would be a great opportunity for candidates to sell their knowledge on the topic and call out the fact that current elected officials have not focused on protecting drinking water.  Once this happens, other local, state and national candidates will take notice.

From small fact-finding initiatives performed by Safe Water Commission, it is amazing how few candidates know about backflow prevention or the mandates already created by State government.  At the same time, States have done a poor job at enforcing the very Plumbing Codes they created to help protect water.  

So... Will candidates take a stance on this item to advance their campaigns???  Will States begin to actively enforce their directives to municipalities about running backflow prevention programs???

Only time will tell.

Posted by Ryan Ward

The 2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code makes it very clear... Cities, Property Owners, Plumbing Contractors and Backflow Testers all have responsibilities when it comes to preventing backflow.  

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