Manage your backflow prevention program efficiently

Written by Ryan Ward
on 17 May 2017

With states starting to enforce backflow prevention mandates, it is imperative that municipalities find a way to more efficiently manage their backflow prevention programs.  Like most other process improvements, better management needs to turn to technology.  A proper program encompasses dealing with a multitude of data points, so paper-driven processes will quickly over-burden resource constrained water departments.  

The solution??

Leverage software tools that help with all aspects of the program including:

  • Device inventory
  • Test submission from certified testers
  • Test result tracking
  • Compliance reports
  • Notification engine to device owners

Understanding the current state of all backflow devices is a critical component of any backflow prevention program, so all of the areas above must be managed effectively to create a mature program. Safe Water Commission can help simplify your program to ensure you are compliant!