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It is a multifaceted approach to water conservation which is unique in the industry!   Our pilot Smart Irrigation Program (SIP) in 2020 in Stillwater, Minnesota was instrumental in developing and refining a complete approach to upgrade current irrigation systems to significantly improve water conservation.  In addition to our professional installation of a weather-based "smart" controller, we quantified the water spent per cycle to provide a baseline.  We saw average water usage decrease from the 25% to 35% reduction one obtains from simply installing a weather-based controller to 50% to 60% reduction by replacing rain sensors and decreasing run days and run days which were too long. Our comprehensive SIP does the following for cities and irrigation system owners:

  • It helps cities obtain grant funding from watershed districts for their water conservation efforts by having established relationships with many of the water shed districts in the metro.

  • It ensures significant participation in the program by co-advertising with the city and Hunter Industries to elicit trust and awareness of the program.

  • It  has a unique online application process that link from our advertisements.  With a nominal fee, and meeting certain requirements, one can easily pay and quickly get approved. 

  • It evaluates the current system with a unique process that will calculate the baseline water used per zone and continues to monitor water usage during each irrigation season. 

  • It uses the results of the yard evaluation, then corrects runtimes to maximize water conservation.

  • If not working properly, we install a new rain sensor and may replace and adjust a few leaky heads. 

  • A professional report is sent to each recipient with recommendations for system improvements (some of which we do before leaving the property)

  • It continues to quantify water savings for cities for as long as the weather-based controller is monitored.

We do all these things for you so your residents see water and money savings.  This in turn, raises residents' support and enthusiasm for the cities efforts.

We are also in the process of obtaining our WaterSense Certification by the Spring of 2021 and if desired, can perform irrigation system audits complete with quantification of water distribution measurements in all zones.

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Cities have a variety of inspection needs to ensure both residential and commercial requirements are being met.  From backflow prevention to fire safety to fats, oils and greases (FOG), a city's job is never done.  The problem with trying to manage all of these ordinances is that most cities have not turned to a unified approach of inspections.  Software that can adapt to any variety of inspection needs is truly required so one platform can be leveraged for all inspection reporting needs.  

The solution must adapt to the various data points of each inspection type yet provide a similar customer-focused model to capture inventory, allow for notifications/reminders and provide compliance reporting.

Contact Safe Water Commission to learn about a platform that can satisfy all inspection needs!