What does our Smart Irrigation Program (SIP) consist of?

Written by Administrator
on 29 January 2021

The SIP consists of of the following things:

  • Advertising the program with the city to gain trust in the program.
  • Operating a platform for participants (residents) to apply and pay.
  • Scheduling all the recipients by telephone and a reminder email.
  • A thorough yard evaluation of the entire irrigation system paying particular attention to each head.
  • Replacement of the old controller with a weather-based controller that typically provides 35% water reduction.
  • Setting the new controller run days to meet the odd or even criteria of cities.
  • Setting the new controller run times for water reduction of an additional 25% typically.
  • Addition or replacement of the rain sensor (optional) for an additional water reduction of 5% to 10%.
  • A detailed report showing the findings and recommendations of the yard evaluation.

We do all these things so your residents see water and money savings.  This, in turn, raises residents' support and enthusiasm for the city's efforts.